Bradford to Royal Ascot Minibus

Bradford has the Bradford Kart Racing Centre which is based in Spring Mill Street and has a 750 metre track length. This is an outdoor circuit which was opened in 1989 and karts are available in single and twin engine sizes. Group bookings can be made for small and large sizes and prices are very competitive. Driving sessions are available form half an hour up to one hour.

The East Bradford Kids Cycling Club is open to any youngsters in the area who want to take part in cycling races. The Richard Dunn sports centre is mainly used as a facility and one of the key events is the Saturday morning sessions. Sky-ride cycling events are also held through the Sky-ride Bradford organisation.

Bradford does not have any grey hound racing tracks. Bradford Minibus and coach hire can transport you to all racing destinations, with ease, comfort and total safety. We will make sure that space is made available for equipment storage.